Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clockwork Ballerina Spectra

So I finally did manage to finish my clockwork ballerina. She's from a Spectra that my boyfriend of all people snagged back when I was having issues trying to find anywhere. Course now I see them everywhere so I made him buy a doll for nothing (oops? haha) And a huge thanks to Jamie and her hot new camera for snapping these!

 She's had an extensive list of things done to her. I drilled a hole in her chest to put in that crystal, then also attached tiny watch bits that I got from ripping apart just so many watches. Her corset is copper wire shaped to her, with the larger bits being apoxie to cover the pointy bits. I chopped her toes off (ouch) to sculpt her pointe shoes on. And the metal bands on her arms and legs are from a bracelet I found at a yard sale. They keep her from bending her knees but also I snapped her legs off at the calf and had to reglue them so they didn't bend even before I put the bracelet on. She's also the first doll that I did the faceup solely in pastels and watercolor pencils. Her eyes are pretty ghostly, so I'm pretty happy with it. This one I might have to keep.

And then one of my updated little Atlantis warrior. Her costume is covering a lot of her tattoos but believe me when I say she has the white geometric tattoos up her whole leg, on her side, one her arms, like all over. She'll be heading up for sale as soon as I bother taking more (much more terrible) pictures of her.

Happy Modding!

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